[Quote] Inspiration strikes from all the places

"We can use our emotions to express anything. I've started writing poetry at ten years old because I missed my father so much that my love for him channeled through my writing. Now everything I write is like a tribute to him. Any reader that enjoys my writing is loving my father's love. Strange, but it's the truth in each word. For you, I can only say that our feelings are just the sea that our boat (life) floats. We can always encounter a storm, and that's okay to stop. That's the anchor's job. Don't ever forget that your feeling isn't you. You can feel them, but don't forget that we are here to get the best of it all: bad and good feelings. The ocean is deep as our fantastic strength. You are strong, don't doubt it!"

#Thanks to Beth for giving me the #opportunity to write an #encouraging and #uplifting quote

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